The impetus behind the formation of the CEK Foundation was, and continues to be, Carole Eglash-Kosoff.  Mrs. Eglash-Kosoff established the Foundation in 2011 following the death of her husband.  The funding of the foundation's programs has come primarily from her contributions.


The foundation's initial project was the  …a better way! Scholarship program, which provided money, and mentoring, for worthy high school students for both their first and second year of college As this program  proved successful, the Foundation  expanded its vision and is now hoping to encourage others to share in its educational and cultural efforts.


Mrs. Eglash-Kosoff resides in Valley Village, California.  She attended UCLA and has traveled extensively, visiting more than seventy countries, including part of two years teaching in the black townships of South Africa.  In addition to a successful business career, she has also lectured and taught at various colleges.  She is the author of five books and the playwright/producer of three stage plays.



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